tinyfucks asked:
Hi how much do you change for a tattoo design

It varies based on the subject matter and detail involved

Sex? How is it that out of 90% of my friends I’m the only one that sex typically lasts longer than 45minutes…one session. Not 5 minutes. I’m one of 4 that has ever done anal. The only one that does it at least once a week. Genuinely enjoys it. The only one that goes to sex shops often to buy things with my significant other. Will try anything at least once? Doesn’t like doggy style or missionary. Loves giving head 1000x more than receiving it. Typically gets off 3 times before my significant other each session. Likes sex more than jewelry. Doesn’t get tired of sex constantly even after 3 years with the same person. Gives my significant other lap dances when I’m bored. Watches porn with him and reanacts the scenes. Watches porn constantly in general. Had sex more than 4 times in a row when I lost my viriginity. Has constant sex sessions back to back in one night. Never had sex and not gotten off…never had a guy not get off…I can’t even fathom how a girl can have sex for 3 minutes and be okay with not getting off?! How can people do the same positions for an eternity?! How does one NEVER have an Orgasm?! Wtf?! how do you all live?!?! If you’re in a stable relationship…how the fuck does it work if the sex isn’t fantastic?! If you’re single I get it…but still wtf?!

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Are you up for sending us a selfie for out twitter and tumblr page?

And who might this be?